Alexandra Pedrotti


The journey of yoga for Alexandra has been an inspiring and life changing experience. As she reached for an escape she fell in love with her practice and how it effected her inner being. What she loves the most about yoga is how much it can change the way you live and breath. Yoga gave her a chance to find peace and happiness within, which is what she wants to share with her students. There's nothing more important than loving and leading your own life with a positive mindset and that's what yoga has the power to assist in. She hopes to saturate her students with self love, confidence and well-being which they can carry with them on and off the mat. She is compassionate with her words and caring with her adjustments. Alexandra received her 200 hour certification through Yoga Alliance in San Diego, California which is where she began her journey. Yoga can be a true self healing ritual once you let the stirrings of the mind settle and the truths within take over. Namaste

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